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Respectree™ Tree in a Tube

Respectree™ Tree in a Tube

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Tree in a Tube
Are you looking for the Perfect gift 
Something that is Eco-Friendly, perfect for any occasion and truly supports a bigger cause?
With over 10,000+ happy customers
Be part of the change that you would like to see in the world
Purchase a tree in a tube today and receive the following:
Get a FREE succulent care guide worth R200,00


Product Details

 Spekboom are truly wonderful succulents with incredible properties, they grow anywhere, are water-wise and acts as a sponge to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Give a Gift that keeps on Giving, inspire growth and support local.

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don't miss out!




  • Communities use the Spekboom leaves for their medicinal value
  • They are low maintenance, water-wise and super resilient!
  • The leaves are edible, high in basic nutrients especially Vitamin C
  • The Spekboom can live up to a astonishing 200 Years old
  • They can grow up to 4 meters tall which make them perfect for hedging
  • The most important fact is that Spekboom improves the Air Quality and acts as a Carbon Sponge. The Spekboom absorbs carbon and turning it into plant matter!


What is in the Box?

  • One highly intelligent and evolved Spekboom.
  • Each plant contains the perfect amount of soil that is packed with the rich nutrients your plant will need to grow to its full potential.
  • Our innovative packaging design is strong enough to withstand the rough journey to your doorstep
  • We have manufactured our packaging with 100% bio-degradable material which makes it ideal for you to plant your Spekboom within its container.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Robert Paola
Absolutely awesome !

I just want to say a big thank you to RespectaTree for a great product and green initiative. It was warmly Tony the recipients. I will definitely order again and encourage people to do the same! Planting trees and giving flowers and plants as gifts is way better these days and encourages people to follow suit! Keep up the Aminah work! The service provider did an excellent job delivering it timeously too! Thanks to everyone. Happy clients!

John Arvanitakis
Sustainable Gifting

I purchased a number of speekboom Tree in a Tube as year end gifts for my clients. My business is committed to operating in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way and these gifts were absolutely perfect to represent our vision and mission and our clients absolutely loved this new and very novel idea. this is a gift that keeps on giving, giving back to the environment in more ways than one and it is an ever lasting gift, which is exactly the message we wanted to give about our company to our clients.

Martyn Austin
Great Gift Idea

Well packaged and very thoughtful.

Sizes of the plants vary widely on bulk orders. (Not really what's advertised in the pictures above). But happy with my purchase.

Mystery box

Arrived safely - beautfiul variety and all growing strongly!! love them!!

Tanya S

I recently purchased two as small gifts for Christmas. Not only were they beyond perfect but the service received was out of this world. Thank you so much for going the extra mile for me, and bringing the biggest smiles to our guests faces. I will definitely be supporting you more in future.